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i am a photographer who lives/works in downtown detroit.  i started shooting the city in 2005, exploring places like michigan central station, the united artists theater and other forgotten architectural gems in the city.  although i started off shooting abandonments, it was the incredible architecture and cityscape that eventually became my focus.  when shooting detroit it's easy to document a burned out home or abandoned structure.  i find it far more enjoyable to photograph the beauty in the city and show a side of detroit that is often overlooked.

i also shoot weddings and architecture commercially. if interested in any of those services feel free to shoot me a message.  also, if there are photos of mine that you have seen that aren't on this site, or if you would like one of the prints you see here in black + white, or if you would like a custom size, use the contact page to let me know.  ill try to accommodate all requests as best as i can.